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Pea Ridge, Arkansas
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The Pea Ridge Historical Society was organized on October 23, 2003, by a group of individuals interested in preserving and sharing the history of Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

The Pea Ridge Historical Society exists to research, preserve, and communicate the history and heritage of the city of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, its citizens, institutions, and surrounding communities, especially the areas within the Pea Ridge School District.

Currently, regular meetings of the Historical Society are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month, at 6:00 in the evening.   Meetings are usually held at the Pea Ridge School Heritage Building, located at 1474 North Curtis Ave.   Watch this webpage, the Events webpage, and the Pea Ridge Times Newspaper for news about meetings of the Society.


We'd like to hear from you, and we welcome your responses and suggestions.  To write us, see our mailing address at the bottom right, or, click to send us an email.

Pea Ridge Historical Society & Museum

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Next Historical Society Meeting

Tuesday evening, January 26th, 2016
6:00 p.m.,
Pea Ridge School Heritage Bldg,
North Curtis Ave. at Pike St.


Pea Ridge became a city in Arkansas in 1850, with the establishment of its first Post Office.   Its nearly 165 years as a city have witnessed a rich variety of historical events (some of national significance), notable people, educational milestones, business and building enterprises, and evolving customs and traditions, as the people of Pea Ridge have worked and struggled to build a sturdy way of life through times marked by opportunity, hardship, and the crises of war.


We invite you to submit information and items of historical interest to the attention of the Historical Society.  Records, photos, and artifacts are welcomed as donations.  Or, if you wish to keep your historical items in your possession, but are willing to allow the Historical Society to make photographs or photo-copies, this too is helpful and appreciated.


You are invited to become a member of the Pea Ridge Historical Society.  Membership dues are $10 per year.  You may join in the following ways:
(1) Attend a meeting of the Historical Society and make your membership application there.  Or, (2) mail your $10 check to Pea Ridge Historical Society, along with your name and mailing address.  See our mailing address at lower right.
Click Here for a printable membership application.

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Pea Ridge
Historical Museum
Opened March 2009

Organized on October 23, 2003,
the Pea Ridge Historical Society is now in its twelfth year.  Through a lease  agreement with the city, the Pea Ridge Historical Museum occupies the old Lodge Hall/E.H. Building at   1451 North Curtis Ave. in downtown Pea Ridge.

The Museum's Grand Opening was held on Saturday, March 7, 2009.

For the months December through February, the Museum does not keep regular open hours.  To arrange a visit to the museum by appointment, please call Jerry Nichols at 479-621-1621, Mary Durand at 479-586-5574,or Marcia Cothran at 479-451-8256.

The building was constructed in 1947-48 by the Mt. Vernon Masonic Lodge.  Extensive renovations were completed in 2008.  The Historical Society is grateful to the City of Pea Ridge for the major portion of the renovations, and also to volunteers who have given their time and labor.

Pea Ridge Historical Society
P.O. Box 276
Pea Ridge, AR  72751-0276
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